Show-and-Tell at Arrowmont

For the past 4 days there has been some intense creative work going on here at Arrowmont.  Last night students put out the (mostly-in-process) results for an informal open house.  Here is a small sampling.


Derek Weidman, instructor

From the wood turning class Derek Weidman‘s students turned out wonderful creatures.  It boggles the mind to try to understand how these were created on a lathe.

Dennis  Hinds

Dennis Hinds, student

The wood turning facilities here are extraordinary.

Wood turning classroom at Arrowmont

Wood turning classroom at Arrowmont

From the papermaking lab:

handmade paper forms

handmade paper forms

From the history of ceramics class:

From the metal working studio:

And our favorite place of all:


Adam Neese demonstrates for guests


Kat’s book

Jan Dove covers stray red inkspots with "sutures"

Jan Dove covers stray red inkspots with “sutures”

We walked home to the light of a ghost moon.  (Some stayed and imbibed a bit of the other moonshine.)


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One Response to “Show-and-Tell at Arrowmont”

  1. Bob Sennhauser Says:

    Hi Jan,

    hanks for the reports of the last two days.

    you stay and play in the area or head home after the workshop?

    so go to Nashville and visit Hank
    William’s home near Music Row.
    want to visit Hatch Prints also. Nothing else like it !!

    as well go to the Country Hall of Fame too.

    has great facilities. About the best of all. Penland in NC
    is where you might think of going next.

    to see the final work from the five workshops.



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