Oola’s Reception

Oola had a celebratory evening.  Jerry Adams Gallery, Berkeley City College, 3/13/13.

Photos by Minoosh Zomorodinia

A grand time was had by all. The hot dogs were yummie too.

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Oola vs the Forces of Evil and Dismay


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Following on the chicken/egg question – and along the lines of  “Does language express our concepts, or does language create our concepts” – in this body of art and tomfoolery Jan asks “Are images the result of our perceptions, hopes, and fears, or do images create and perpetuate our cultural/social experience.”  How important is “High Art” and what is it doing to us?  Oola takes on all questions in her own inimitable style.

Oola rides again.  And there will be hotdogs with yellow mustard at her reception!  All welcome!